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Removing Web Tracks
Get Rid of All Web Tracks
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Unless you want someone to know your business, personal business, you might want to consider removing all traces of Your Internet activity from your hard drive.  Free Download


Web tracks are silent, visual traces of everywhere you have been and everything you have done on your computer through your Internet. As you browse the Internet, traces of your visits are left on the hard drive. All of your activities on the Web are tracked and stored to the hard drive. The information that is stored includes images viewed, websites visited, videos, animation, and absolutely ALL text.

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Evidence Eliminator

Think of Web tracks as a journal or surveillance file that has been kept on you on a daily basis for as long as you have had access to the Internet on your computer.

Maybe you have something to hide, and maybe you donít.

That doesnít mean that you want to have everything that you have done on the Web or typed into search boxes to be accessible to anyone who knows there way around the computer.

In fact, any computer savvy individual can access your Web tracks and see what you have been up to on the Internet. The information is stored on your hard drive until you erase it. It wonít magically disappear just because you want it to do so. Anyone who does not want their Web tracks to remain accessible on their computer needs to consider investing in a Web tracks eraser. Manually removing your tracks will never clear the index.dat file, since it is always in use while you are using your computer. Special software needs to be used to clean this often referred to, secret.dat file. We recommend ParetoLogic Privacy Controls.

Privacy Controls will clear ALL Web tracks safely. They will completely erase the Web tracks that you have unwittingly left on your computer tracing a trail through your Internet use.

Privacy Controls is designed to:

  • remove Internet cookies
  • remove Internet cache files
  • clear visited URLs
  • clear typed URLs
  • clear recently viewed documents
  • erase Internet history
  • remove temporary files
  • erase auto-complete password and form records
  • clear Outlook passwords
  • erase index.dat files
  • And ALOT More!

In fact Privacy Controls will clean over 2000 popular programs like Real Player, Windows Media Player, Windows Vista, Google Desktop and every other known program too!

In comparison, you certainly wont be protected by Evidence Eliminator, which hasn't changed in nearly 5 years, or Winclear which may give you an upgrade per year. Most of these products follow a "build and forget" model, which is great for them, but leaves you and I holding the bag, with an outdated and marginally helpful Web Tracks Cleaner.

Privacy Controls is Constantly updated, to ensure your Software is ALWAYS Up-To-Date, and Your ...

Private matters are ALWAYS Confidential!
Advanced privacy management tools like Privacy Controls, will erase evidence of your online activity. They are designed to clear Internet surfing history, browser history, search history, address bar history, and the cache or temporary Internet files.

For a better understanding of exactly what will be removed with a Web Tracks eraser, read the glossary.

Types of Web Tracks Deleted by Privacy Controls:

  • Address Bar History: This is the list of recently visited Web pages typically accessed by clicking on the down arrow in the text box of the Web browser.
  • Auto-complete: This feature stores the information that you type into the Web pages that you visit. Originally designed to aid computer users by suggesting completions for the words as they begin to type them.
  • Browser Cache: Also referred to as the temporary Internet files, the browser cache stores content from each visited Web page. This includes text, images, movies, and pictures. Web pages load faster by loading the files from your hard drive instead of having to download the Web page again.
  • Browser History: A stored collection of the Web pages that you have visited or viewed. Saved to your locale hard drive, the browser history allows Web pages to loaf more quickly when revisited.
  • Tracking Cookies: Cookies refer to the identifiers for Websites. This data is stored as a file on your computer and can be used to track you as a visitor.
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