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Why Online Security Has Become So Pertinent

Online security is an increasingly dangerous problem. As technology becomes more advanced so to do the lengths that hackers and those that pose a security threat will go to. In light of the increased threats that surface almost every day on the Internet, security suites and programs also become more powerful and subsequently more complex. However, this in itself can lead to problems. The Windows registry is quite literally packed full of entries that are required to run all programs, software, and hardware and if any of these entries become corrupt or are missing or duplicated it can cause serious problems.

About McAfee Anti-Virus

McAfee is a popular security package that helps to protect against online threats. It is one of the most popular anti-virus programs but it is not without its problems on some machines. Some users can go an entire lifetime using McAfee products without any problems but an error in the registry or even a virus that attacks the McAfee program itself can cause seemingly irreparable damage. This doesn’t have to be the case though; there are a number of simple steps to follow in order to try and resolve any issues you might be facing with McAfee.

Restart Your Computer

If you are experiencing problems for the first time then the very first step is to completely close down McAfee and the restart your computer. In some cases this allows Windows or your operating system to essentially cure itself. This second attempt may be enough to allow all the necessary processes to run properly and in order, essentially giving you a stress free restart.

Check For Recent Patches, Releases, And Updates

Check the McAfee site for any recent patches and download and install any that you find. As other users experience problems and report them to McAfee, patches and fixes are released to try and combat these problems and prevent them from recurring on other machines. While your McAfee program should usually update itself with any recent updates, the problem may prevent the program itself from doing this. In the same light, it is also important to notify McAfee of any problems you have suffered while using their program.

Uninstall Other Anti-Virus Programs To Prevent Conflicts

Try uninstalling any other anti-virus programs that are on your computer. Having McAfee and another anti-virus program on your computer may cause a conflict in programs or within the registry. By uninstalling other programs you may be able to prevent this conflict from occurring and allow clean use of your McAfee program.

Cleaning Your Registry With A Registry Cleaner

Use a registry cleaner to scan your computer for errors and fix any potential problems it finds. The registry contains invaluable and essential information that is needed by McAfee, your operating system, and other programs and hardware. If any registry entries become corrupt, are deleted, or are duplicated then you will start to experience a range of problems with your computer. As well as fatal exception errors you may also suffer difficulties starting and using McAfee and other programs. Running a registry cleaner should cure these problems.

Uninstall And Reinstall McAfee

If all else fails then you should uninstall and reinstall McAfee. This is best left as the last step whenever possible but should hopefully clear up any problems you are having. Sometimes settings and program files can become corrupt, or they can become infected with spyware or viruses. By uninstalling and performing a fresh installation of McAfee you are essentially starting over, but this means that you will lose some if not all of your personal settings.


McAfee is a very popular and widely used anti-virus application. Because of its popularity, though, certain viruses and other undesirable applications specifically target the McAfee program files and registry entries. By following all of the steps above you should be able to clear any spyware or viruses that have been installed on your computer. You are also advised to run the registry cleaner once again when you have completed these steps to help clean up after all the actions you have performed.

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